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American Head Charge
American Head Charge Dates

Sorry, there are no American Head Charge dates.

American Head Charge Biography

American Head Charge are survivors. Despite lineup changes, the tragic death of guitarist Bryan Ottoson and leaving labels that either abandon them when heavy rock falls out of favor or rape them of deserved money, the band is still creating music and decimating crowds across the globe. Their first DVD aptly-titled Can't Stop the Machine chronicles their rollercoaster career. Guitarist Benji Hellberg sums up the DVD best. "I want fans to be able to feel like they're getting to see inside the band members' souls. The story is completely out of control and unbelievable, and the music is just as out of control and unbelievable." With numerous extras, music videos and unreleased tracks, fans are granted all access to the enigmatic band like never before. The DVD's centerpiece is the 75-minute documentary with tour and studio footage from the last five years, as well as jarring and honest interviews with members both past and present. Holding nothing back, the film captures the darkness and genius inherent within American Head Charge.

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