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-M- Biography

OohLaLA! is known for its ability to showcase the most popular and interesting talent to emerge from France and this year, the Festival presents the unanimously-praised -M- (Matthieu Chedid) for his very first appearance in California.

As the son of famous French singer, Louis Chedid, and the grandson of French poetess Andrée Chedid, -M- was born right in the middle of the arts. As an adolescent, he was already an excellent multi-instrumentalist and musician with a highly personal and playful imagination. Now, as an adult, -M-‘s unmatched talent lead to numerous Victoires de la Musique Awards (French equivalent of Grammy Awards) for ‘Best Male Artist,’ ‘Best Pop Album,’ ‘Best Show,’ etc, (2000, 2005, 2006, 2011). He is also a sought-after collaborator who has partnered with the bigger artists in France, including Vanessa Paradis, both on stage and in the studio. With five studio albums, hundreds of triumphant shows in front of hundreds of thousands of fans and numerous illustrious side projects, -M- has grown to be immensely popular with French music fans and among his artist peers.

Every -M- release is perceived as a phenomenon in France. His next much-awaited sixth studio album is due this Fall 2012. One can expect a record intensely rooted in rock ’n’ roll, partially inspired by the American music scene that houses artists such as The Black Keys, but also reminiscent of the innovation and originality of American legends such as Jimi Hendrix.

Without any doubt, -M- will seduce American audiences. The revered talent is anxious to present his new project as a worldwide premiere for L.A music lovers… and OohLaLA! is rather impatient to witness this sure-to-be love at first sight experience!

6th album coming in September 2012! (Barclay/Universal Music Group)


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