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Since the founding of America, singers, songwriters and performers have been a powerful force for social justice. Through wars, strikes, natural disasters and economic crises, these unique American voices have a proud tradition of empowering the disenfranchised, aiding the helpless and moving our nation closer to the place where we want it to be. It would be hard to think of the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war effort, or the vibrant pursuit of women’s equality without recalling the music that played – and continues to play – such an important role. Says the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, ”Our First Amendment freedoms are under sustained attack. We are delighted that so many diverse singers and entertainers are stepping forward to focus attention on basic constitutional principles and the bedrock American values of fairness, equality and justice. They are all truly ‘voices united for separation of church and state.’”

As the election draws closer, Americans United and grassroots house concert promoters will ask all Americans to “take a seat and make a stand” for separation of church and state. We will once again look to our most natural protester -- the performer -- for genuine reflection and commentary on where America stands as a nation. Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2012, 50+ grassroots house concerts, along with additional live events in major cities, will occur simultaneously to preserve church-state separation. 

About Americans United:  Americans United for Separation of Church and State (  is a 65-year-old organization that is the leading defender of the Constitution’s guarantee that America will remain a vital democracy and not a theocracy run according to anybody’s religious agenda. AU’s Executive Director, Barry Lynn (an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a constitutional lawyer, and avid music fan), has been leading the group for 20 years. AU works with reproductive rights groups, the LGBT community, civil rights organizations and progressive religious and secular groups throughout the country to advance the cause of civil and human rights.  Our director and other staff members appear regularly on MSNBC, CNN, network newscasts, and, yes, even Fox News! (Bill O’Reilly once called Barry Lynn “one of his favorite guests” and “a paranoid crazy” in the same broadcast). For more about Americans United visit our web site at


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