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Cold River City
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Cold River City Biography

Cold River City is a rock band, and they won't let you forget it. Their live show has moments of pure chaotic bliss, followed by tunes so sexy that you should probably bring a change of underwear. The band has made it their mission to bring their funky soulful blues rock to dancing booties and bobbing heads wherever they go. Having twice sold out one of the nation's favorite clubs, The Fox Theatre, the band continues to reach a much larger audience by traveling from coast to coast and connecting with music fanatics from major music hubs like New York, Austin, and Seattle, to music festivals small and large, to the many ‘one stop light and a gas station’ small towns that make up the heart of the US. Their conclusion: people love to get down to good music no matter where you go.

In 2014, Cold River City released their first full length album, Let Me Shine. The album captures the diversity of CRC's live performance, taking fans from the playful, but progressive soul-funk tune of My Side, to the darker hip hop reflection of Used To Be In Love. Marquee Magazine hailed the album as, "Miles beyond the band's youth." Now in 2015, the young band is poised to release their newest studio effort entitled "Thank You, Sorry, Love You" which shows the band’s progression and maturity, settling into the sound that is uniquely Cold River City, while still keeping the music fun and exciting.

This Fall you will find the guys (and girl) banging heads across the Rocky Mountain West as well as touching hearts and souls across the East Coast. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.


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