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GEICO Endurocross
GEICO Endurocross Dates

Sorry, there are no GEICO Endurocross dates.

GEICO Endurocross Biography

Endurocross or indoor enduro, shortened Enduro-X or EX, is a hybrid motorcycle competition, a mix of supercross, trials, and enduro racing held indoors over obstacles resembling a trials track. Endurocross events are typically held in hockey or down-sized basketball arenas. Its main difference with supercross is in there being "hard rock sections" and wooden parts (resembling fallen trees) akin to enduro and technical 'trials' courses, rather than tarmac in between jumps. Tracks incorporate various elements of off-road riding, including rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water-hole and special obstacles (like giant tires). An endurocross course is much faster than a trials course and much slower than a supercross course.

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