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Michael Chapman
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Michael Chapman Biography

2011 was a busy year for legendary British singer-songwriter Michael Chapman. Over the course of 12 months, Michael turned 70, released a handful of acclaimed albums including a noise record on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace imprint, and toured the globe with the likes of Bill Callahan, Will Oldham, and Kurt Vile. The guitar and voice of Michael Chapman first became known on the British Folk Circuit in 1967. Playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material, he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. Signed to EMI’s Harvest label (home to Pink Floyd) he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like Rainmaker (re-released by Light In The Attic in 2012) and Wrecked Again defined the melancholic observer role Michael was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound. The influential album Fully Qualified Survivor, featuring the guitar of a young pre-David Bowie Spiders From Mars Mick Ronson, was John Peel's favorite album of 1970 and finally available in North America through Light In The Attic in 2011.  A lively and accomplished improviser, Michael has gained a reputation for re-working material, both before an audience and on record.  Songs are seen as standards, themes to be explored, extended and varied on stage and in the studio. There are few performers out there who can hold a candle to this self- styled guitarist from Yorkshire. With his uniquely English melancholic perspective and emotive guitar style he deserves wider recognition.  As 2012 arrives, Michael’s hard at work on a new album, marking over 30 albums in a 45-year career that’s showing no signs of slowing.


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