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Human Agency
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Human Agency Biography

Human Agency is the Denver-born duo of super best friends Biorhythm (Ryan Kjos) & Seamus McMorrow. Emerging alongside the very recent surge of gifted Colorado based beat acts, they cultivate organically sampled production and rhythms, while infusing them with a chemical twist. Using dance styles and instrumental performances, they are formless in style and pool listeners from many sounds. Playing live shows with drummer extraordinaire Jonas Otto, Human Agency aims toward a collaborative stage effort to create a mixed media spectacle. The live performance is everything, and The Agency seeks to constantly evolve their own.

Human Agency has shared the stage with world class artists such as EMANCIPATOR, BONOBO, SHPONGLE, RJD2, THE NEW DEAL, ORCHARD LOUNGE, BREAK SCIENCE, ZOOGMA, BOOMBOX, LITTLE PEOPLE, & FUTURE ROCK. Download Human Agency's music for FREE at


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