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Boyhollow Dates

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Boyhollow Biography

Involved with the founding of many of Denver's most infamous parties, boyhollow has helped not only build the local Denver dance scene, he has in many ways been instrumental in its establishment.  His parties have brought many of music's finest & most exciting acts to Denver for their first time & have helped put Denver on the musical map.

Over the last 9 years, boyhollow aka Michael Trundle has established himself as one of Denver's most diverse, proficient & well-known DJs.  Having held position as a resident DJ in club-nights spanning almost every genre - indie, rock, soul, electro, 80s, hip-hop & even Top 40 - boyhollow has become adept at transcending these genres & creating an experience that is not only unique, but is able to adapt itself to almost any type of crowd, setting or party.  Though his sets tend to focus on indie-rock & indie-electronica, you can expect to hear tracks dropped that are not only unexpected, but make the listening experience that much more exciting.  Known for his ability to make any dance-floor take notice & respond, he is one of Denver's most sought after purveyors of music & party invention.

Currently involved in some exciting production & remixing work, keep your eyes & ears peeled for the new movement in Denver's dance scene.  It's going to be a coup d'tat of massive proportion.



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