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Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate Dates

Sorry, there are no Diamond Plate dates.

Diamond Plate Biography

Diamond Plate is:
James Nicademus – Drums
Konrad Kupiec – Guitars
Matt Ares – Vocals/Bass Guitar

Diamond Plate, a young metal band from Chicago formed in 2004 while all three members were still in high school, hit the ground running from the beginning as they displayed musicianship and a passion for heavy music that went beyond their years. Declining record label offers in favor of working on their sound and letting their songwriting evolve, drummer James Nicademus, (former) vocalist/bassist Jon Macak and guitarist Konrad Kupiec, began making serious waves in the underground scene via word-of-mouth, self-released EPs and local slots supporting metal giants Behemoth, Gojira, and Exodus. Two months after graduating high school, the legendary Earache Records signed the band.

In 2010, Diamond Plate went into the studio with producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore) to record their debut album “Generation Why?” The album’s extreme vocals, groove-based riffs, and machine-tight production allowed the band to distance themselves from their “thrash revival” peers, while earning them rave reviews and high profile tours. Appearing in America and the UK with Anthrax, Overkill, and D.R.I. among others, as well as festival slots on the 70,000 Tons of Metal and Hammerfest, Diamond Plate’s reputation as a high-energy live act began to grow.

After the touring cycle, guitarist Konrad Kupiec and drummer James Nicademus were joined by new vocalist/bassist and Miami native Matt Ares. The band took off touring for the rest of 2012 and focused on writing a new album it was during this time that Diamond Plate’s sound underwent a transmutation. With an emphasis on creating songs from jamming, a ‘play what thou wilt’ attitude, and 19 year old Matt Ares’ charismatic voice, the band matured drastically while blending together a much wider range of influences.

Neil Kernon was again asked to lead the production originally scheduled for two weeks in January 2013 even though the making of the record extended into months, characterized by the underlying tension of outside pressure, deadlines, and personal struggles. Despite all of this, Diamond Plate emerged with “Pulse,” an album brimming with live energy and the vibe of a young band playing heavy music straight from the heart.


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