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System Divide Biography

As opposed to interjecting simple, predictable clean choruses into contrived song structures, SYSTEM DIVIDE unites serene female vocals and extreme vocals driven by lyrical themes that confront and seek to break everyday themes of disillusionment, societal materialism, and individual apathy. Musically, the band delivers myriad styles of riffing and grooves, while augmenting the entrancing soundscapes with hard-hitting drums and intricate bass lines. These elements together define the unique, spell binding, hypnotic sound of SYSTEM DIVIDE. After a self released debut EP, SYSTEM DIVIDE released their first fullength in the fall of 2010 on METAL BLADE records. Further fusing the elements already present on the debut EP. The Conscious Sedation further pushes the envelope mixing in various styles in a tasteful and extreme manner. The Production was handled by none less than James Murphy (ex-Death, Testament, Obituary) allowing for a heavy yet crisp sounding record that will annihilate your speakers. SYSTEM DIVIDE are embarking on their first US tour with ELUVEITIE/3 INCHES OF BLOOD and HOLY GRAIL february 2010 and this is just the beginning, ladies and gents... Keep your eyes and ears wide open!!!


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