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Bop Skizzum Biography

Bop Skizzum’s music is all about fusion… Gathering inspiration from every corner of the record store, the band meshes their alternative pop-rock vibe with groove-based funk, dance and hip-hop influences, creating an invigorating blend of unique instrumentation and phenomenal vocals to complete their sound. The diversity each musician brings to this eclectic mix resonates in the music that Bop Skizzum has written for their first full-length album “Coloradical.”

Music is Colorful! Music is Radical! We believe “Coloradical” is an energy, an intangible electricity; embodying the funky, fun spirit of Bop Skizzum which fans of all ages have become so passionate about. Infusing the songs on this album with each band member’s varied musical backgrounds and influences has resulted in a collection of 10 new songs which span a wide spectrum of genres. “Coloradical” is the ultimate expression of diversity, personifying Bop Skizzum’s unique sound.

DenverSchool Of The Arts trained singer Julie Almeria fronts Bop Skizzum as the lead vocalist. Julie’s unique voice and incredible energy on stage capture your attention, as she takes the audience on the musical adventure that is Bop Skizzum. The band’s newest member, emcee and percussionist Shane “SF1” Franklin (also a DSA graduate) continued his education at Berklee College of Music before heading back to Colorado to pursue his music career. Guitar & back-up vocals are handled mightily by band founder Andy “Rok” Guerrero; formerly of the socio-political hip-hop rock band Flobots. This inspiring songwriting trio is grounded by the incredible rhythm section, with groove master Chris Harris on Bass & Neil Hemphill on Drums. Finishing touches to Bop Skizzum’s energetic ‘voice’ come from the Live Horns! The Brass section is handled by the three-man power-punch of Kyle Etges onBariand Tenor Sax, Tanner Robison and Armando Lopez on Trumpet.

Bop Skizzum’s music is unlike any other bands on the scene right now. High-energy grooves, an eclectic mix of vocal styles, and a virtuoso horn section make their sound unique, all while keeping the beat ultra-funky! Whatever the need, Skizzum can fill it, from gut-wrenching ballads to the hippest party track. Bop Skizzum represents not only great times on stage or in the recording booth, but a new direction in pop music – a fusion of the hottest sounds played by real, superlative musicians. So put on your Coloradical dancin’ shoes and prepare yourself to get Bop’d by the Skizzum!


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