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Alexico Dates

Sorry, there are no Alexico dates.

Alexico Biography

The beginnings are in 1997 where the young person start moving his head with composition ideas, experimenting during years without giving form to nothing, He achive the point where finally put together some material to put it in a ep called mammals that ep that was on sale in saharis and backstage stores hardly made it in and ended exhausted almost in a week that ep were 80 copies only that ***aed-refl mng and sold at the same time the cover was done by alexico, later our boy became a man and wanted to be call his self the great varon or le varon for the 2003 its 2 ep is named llevanos a conoser el mundo and then silence words love evil ended alexico leaves music by almost 2 years and without wanting alexico retake music for the 2005 return with new subjects and the classic sound that you love so much.

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