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Hot Soup
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Hot Soup Biography

A good soup takes lots of time and love, with the addition of great ingredients. Hot Soup is a great example of that, forming in Boulder, Colorado in the fall of 2007. Blending just about all the elements of music into their original music including funk, rock, jazz, fusion, reggae, bluegrass, and improvisation, calling them eclectic is an understatement.

In order to make a good soup, it starts with 3 main ingredients. With Matt Flaherty on lead guitar and vocals, you can expect some of the heaviest and most innovative guitar playing you can come across in Colorado. Blending his mix of jazz and rock riffs, he creates a style of music that every music fan can feast on. Then comes a heavy dash of Adrian Engfer on bass and vocals. His deep pocket of funk, mixed with his diverse musical approach is essential to balancing the heavy and unpredictability of Hot Soup's improvisation jams. To finish it off, we add Mirco Altenbach on saxophone, synth, and vocals. His saxophone playing is highly demanded in the front range, playing in many successful bands. By adding Mirco's sax to Hot Soup, it adds a funky melodic side that compliments the at times heavy nature of the band. By adding a rotating cast of some of the best drummers and keyboardists that can be found in Colorado's vast music scene, including Stephen Thurston (Grant Farm), Phil Johnson (Jet Edison), Paul Kemp (Whitewater Ramble), and Alex Johnson (Jet Edison), the soup is irresistible to any music fan.

Hot Soup has been lucky enough to share the stage with acts like the Funky Meters and the Disco Biscuits, along with headlining big stages like the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. One of their strongest features is their energetic and often comical live performances which only adds to their music. They have proved themselves time after time to be the best tasting soup in the front range.


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