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Christina Grimmie
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Christina Grimmie Biography

Hi, im Christina Grimmie! Lots of you might know me from Youtube. I was born on March 12, 1994. I'm 16 years old. I tottaly LOVE Zelda and Sonic. I write my own music and they've been copy righted, so you cant steal it =p. My best friends are Mo/Moriah, (but i call her Mo) and Tiffany and Lauren! I know how to play piano, but just to let you know I can't read music notes, I just listen. I made my own myspace because so my fans can hear my music & keep in touch with me :)! Im a full on Christian, by the way. Jesus is my Savior and i looove Him and sing for Him. And yes i read the Bible. Im glad where im at in life :). Mo has helped alot! Sometimes me and her write songs :). For example, me and her wrote the song "Underwater Firebreather". Also my brother, Mark Grimmie, has helped me writing a few of my songs. I absolutely love music! And i love to play video games! :) My dream is to be famous and perform at BIG concerts! My fans mean alot to me! I would'nt be here without them. I work hard to earn things that i have now. I loooove to sing as you can see! :) I was originally born in New Jersey, but I moved to San Diego. But i still visit ALOT in New Jersey! I performed before at little places, but I want to perform at huge places. When people say/overuse "lol" or "lolz" or anything related to "lol" I'm not sure's being used out of context now and it annoys me. I PLAY THE PIANO in every one of my videos, I don't like instrumentals on the computer, I like originals by me :) it feels more original too. I enjoy life and I live life to the fullest! I hate when people pretend to be me, But thats ok cuz i know they're just some fans of mine! Im thinking about making an album and i already have a name for my album but im not going to say it cuz its a suprise! Well thats bout it for now. Please listen to my music and add me! Love to all my fans! And bless my fans. - Christina Grimmie

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