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School Knights
School Knights Dates

Sorry, there are no School Knights dates.

School Knights Biography

School Knights was originally a 2 piece band started by Alex Johnson and Steve Smith. Steve and Alex met at summer camp when they were 6 and have been best friends ever since. Alex started playing guitar in 5th grade and convinced Steve to get a drum set shortly after. After years of playing music together Alex and Steve started School Knights in early 2008. In 2010 Alex recruited a bass player, Zack, who he met at the post office. Zack quickly realized that he was a way better drummer than Steve and promptly kicked Steve out of the band. A month later, Zack enlisted Michael, his old pen-pal, to play rhythm guitar. Michael disliked the way Alex talked to him so he and Zack agreed to boot Alex from the band. Zack and Michael kept the name "School Knights" but began writing new music together. Steve died shortly after being kicked out of the band and Alex is said to live somewhere in the mountains. All that remains of the pair is their moniker : "School Knights" ..

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