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Subliminal Dates

Sorry, there are no Subliminal dates.

Subliminal Biography

Subliminal is a hardworking Hip Hop artist who pledges to change the way Hip Hop is viewed in today's society. Having 8 years of song writing under his belt, as well as countless mixtapes, Subliminal forces his fans to look deeper at the meaning of music and how it affects each and every one of us. Subliminal uses his music as a tool to educate his fans, as well as release his thoughts to the masses. After numerous label signings/fall-outs, Subliminal is now currently working independently having complete creative control over his music. He has been featured on numerous radio stations, as well as mixtapes, and has currently just released his first album entitled "Forever". The album received astounding reviews, and is one his most memorable releases to date. The future looks bright for this rising star, and by continuing to give his fans what they want, Subliminal can easily go beyond everyone's expectations.

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