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Blue Voodoo
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Blue Voodoo Biography

Originally known as Spazmos before their first gig at Grand Ol' Days, Minneapolis/ St. Paul based rock band Blue Voodoo has come a long way since 2003. With a growing fan base they continue to impress fans drawing larger crowds each show. Opening up for such acts as Jimmy Lee Vaughan, The Great White, G.B. Leighton and playing Walker, MN Music Festival Moon Dance Jam 3 years in a row, these men have shown they can play with the best. Far out rythem from Johnny Rickert on drums and the grooves of Matt Scott on bass guitar is what makes this band one of a kind. Then put the talent and leadership of incredible blues guitarist and soon to be graduate of recording production major from Mc Nally Smith College of Music Eddie Rickert, this band is sure to have a very exciting future. Playing anywhere and everywhere, they are currently working on writing and recording original material as well as promoting bigger shows. Their influences come from a variety of different artists ranging in genres such as blues, classic rock, country, grunge, and even hip hop. This is truely a "see hear" band with incredible live performances.

Members:Eddie Rickert- Guitar/lead Vocals Matt Scott- Bass Guitar/ Back up Vocals Steve Bennet- Drums


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