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Raider Dave Biography

Raiderdave was born in Newport, VA and spent most of his childhood in the Cheapeake and Portsmouth area. From 1998-2001 Raiderdave spent his time honing his vocal and lyrical skills as the front man for the rap/metal group Nashun, which gained a die hard fan base. However, in late 2001, the band lost their front man when Dave relocated to San Diego. During his first two years in California, Raiderdave did vocals for a variety of underground hardcore and metal bands such as Cold Harbor.  Though these gigs wouldn't last long, as Dave soon decided to leave the music industry to pursue his college football career. It was during his days on the football feild that Dave earned the nickname Raiderdave. After 3 years of college ball, Raiderdave found himself back in the music industry and soon began playing bass for the San Diego based tough-guy, hardcore metal band  Undefeated. This lasted for a few years, but ultimately the band broke up. It was then that long time friend Kevin Lewy AKA Uncle Kevlar, introduced him to producer Scott Keuthan.  Keuthan had been working as the sound engineer doing side work for Aftermath Records, putting him sholder-to-sholder with artists such as Busta Rhymes, Young Buck, and more. In 2007, Keuthan and Lewy both pushed Dave into a new musical direction. Taking their advice Dave began writing hip-hop tracks for small recording projects. After creating a few tracks Dave decided to stick with his former nicknamer-"Raiderdave" to use as a stage name in his new career; as he felt nicknames should be earned, not created. Raiderdave as a touring artist did not conceptualize until 2009.  Then soon after he exploded onto the touring  scene in August of that year playing his first performances as support on tour with E-40 as part of the 40 Daze Tour. As he began to pick up a DIY fan base, Raiderdave was asked to support MIMS (This is Why Im Hot) as well as Juggalo act Skatterman and Snug Brim on the Back in Session Tour for November 2009. In mid November 2009 all the way through December 2009, Raiderdave was asked to support underground hip-hop legend Andre Nickatina (AKA Dre Dogg), adding a sold-out tour to Raiderdave's resume. It was during the midst of that run that Vherbal from Anno Dommini beats discovered Raiderdaves music. They began collaborating on new tracks beginning with My Life featuring Adam Jackson of Ferret Record's metal band "Twelve Tribes". These new tracks began pushing Raiderdave into a whole new direction as a hip-hop performer. And this 'new direction' would fuze his background from the hardcore scene and his current chosen genre of hip-hop. Since then Raiderdave has only done tracks with one other producer Keef from Atlanta, GA who produced the track Good Ol Boyz featuring Hoo Bangin/Cash Money Record's very own Glasses Malone. In 2010 Raiderdave has continued touring all over the country supporting artists such as Andre Nickatina and E-40. Raiderdaves unique brand of hip hop is heavily influenced by his touring background in the Rock/Metal scene and this is shown by the diversity of the artists he has supported while being on 29 consecutive sold out shows this year. Raider Daves tours include full runs with Andre Nickatina, E-40 and Mims while he has also shared the stage with the likes of Hollywood Undead, Hatebreed, Unwritten Law, Rebolution, Micky Avalon, Young Buck, Killah Priest, Canibus, Glasses Malone, Stick to your Guns, Bleeding Through, Chelsea Grin, Pierce the Veil, Otep and many, many more.

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