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Monster Truck
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Monster Truck Biography


The creation of Monster Truckwas initially seeded at a wild Hamilton house party filled with family, friends and various local musicians in May of 2009. Whispers of a no-holds-barred rock n roll band with an unapologetic approach floated around amongst a specific three: Jon Harvey, Steve Kiely and Jeremy Widerman. The name Monster Truck was suggested andit wasrealizedimmediately that it suited the style of what we were all dying to play. Crushing, fast, loud and impossible to ignore. Itwas instantly obvious we were on the right track as many ideas for songs and a general attitude began.The possibilities were ripe butwe quicklyknew something important could still be missing.It wasgoing to need an organ, groovy and gritty, subtle but powerful,to cushion the constant driving Guitar & amp; Bass. Without hesitation, Brandon Bliss was called. No convincing was necessary and the core was established.Before we knew it, the mostfun and powerfulmusic any of us had ever been a part of began tomaterialize, almost subconsciously. Everything presented itself in such a way that we automatically knew if it was right or wrong forthe Truck. Laughter, sometimes maniacal,would often follow tightly played songs as we couldnt believe how enjoyable the simplicity of it all was. Big and catchy rock n roll riffs with straight-forward poparrangements madeadding giant vocal melodies, harmonies and sing-alongs obvious andsecond nature. The excitementcontinued as the tunes kept coming, surely and steadily, each one feeling better than the last as we refined ourstyle, sharpeningthe blade to a lethal perfection. After only ahandful ofshows wewere convincedwe had something special as crowds echoed our sentiments of surprise and excitement. Within one of those crowds we found Gus Van Go, who along with Werner F, had some serious production credits to their name(The Stills, Preistess, The Junction). They coaxed us intotrucking down toBrooklyn for what turned out to beanincredible week and we leftwith a red-hot4-song EP to prove it.Here we nowstand,on the verge of unleashing this debut EP and we cant wait for you to hear it. If youre looking through this pseudo band-bio for a verbal definition of our sound (a classic request)...Its big like metal, classic like rock, fierce like punk and sweet like pop. It seems all genres are slowly blurring together and that typical definitions no longer apply or do justice. If our description doesnt do it for you and all else fails we suggest you just take a listen and decide for yourself. Better yet, come and experience the show and it's quite possible you'll get hooked the same way we did. What started as a weekend side project has now quickly turned into a passionate mission. We love and live to play music and hope to see you very soon. Love MT.


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