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Good Gravy
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There's something in the Gravy.

Colorado-based bluegrass-fusion band Good Gravy! takes a familiar, and somewhat overdone, genre and bends and blends it any way it can into something innovative, exciting and tremendously entertaining. Its five members have become virtual masters of using bluegrass instrumentation, along with percussion, to push its bluegrass roots to new musical horizons and create an innovative mix of bluegrass, funk, rock and psychedelic dance beats complete with imaginative improvisational jams and intricate compositions.

No matter what you call it, Good Gravys no-boundaries, always-evolving music creates a high-energy experience and elicits such an enthusiastic response from both fans and new listeners alike, its music is dubbed party-grass. Packed venues and dance floors also leave little doubt the band knows how to get people engaged and moving with its progressive, bluegrass-based grooves. Its members have an unnatural ability to make acoustic instruments soar with such energy that electric instrumentation is not necessary, but still used in small doses to create its signature sounds. With surprises around every corner, phenomenal energy levels and an uncanny ability to effortlessly and fluidly shift from one groove and genre to the next, its obvious why the bands popularity is growing so quickly.

While influences like the popularColoradoacts String Cheese Incident and Leftover Salmon are immediately evident in the bands sound, unexpected inspiration from bands like STS9 and Disco Biscuits can easily be heard as well. Either way, the band's members are equality as comfortable with a more traditional approach to bluegrass as they are with a jam-band/rock-fusion approach to the genre.

Following a strong 2011, in which the band was named Best Jam Band by the Fort Collins Musicians Association and included multiple appearances at music festivals in Colorado, Utah, Tennessee and Iowa; the infamous Red Lady Ball in Crested Butte; Fort Collins Music Experience; and numerous, well-attended gigs in Colorado and across the country, Good Gravy! is set to break out as a nationally touring act in 2012.

In addition to its live act, the band has released its music on a self-titled, studio album and on a live recording featuring more recent live performances. Another studio effort is on the way in 2012. Both currently available efforts easily prove the bands talents and, according to the Scene Magazine, has a little something to please any breed of hippie, Kentucky bootlegger or drunken wanderer[and] rambles between bluegrass, jam, electronica, and world music like a hillbilly Phish fan at a Zambian nightclub."


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