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RuMbLeJuNkie Biography

Rumblejunkie aka Wesley Waldo, was born and raised in Bible Belt Buckle, Arkansas. With a Bluegrass pickin' father, Wes picked up the guitar and started playing at 12. Blugrass never seeming to be an option, Wes was inspired more by his mothers Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd albums along with 80's pop/rock which lead to grunge and industrial music of the early 90s, he found electronic sounds to be the most inticing and persued more electronica. Fiddling with the new production technology of the time, Wes began producing "electronic" music and soon went to the Recording Workshop to become a certified sound engineer. The sounds he was producing ultimatly lead to finding that the genre best suited for him at the time was called Jungle and later Drum and Bass. Wes knew then which direction he was going, quit the short lived band he started with high school mates, bought turntables, and started djing hard Drum'n'Bass in '98 under alias Dj Drive. Playing various parties locally, the scene in Arkansas was a dead end. Finally, after way too many years in the staleness of Arkansas, Wes decided to move to Denver in 2006. Linking up with fellow D'n'B djs, Wes played several shows under Dj Drive, but realized production was much more satisfying. At that time Sub.Mission was in the works and his closer friends started playing Dubstep. Wes decided to try a hand at making Dubstep, presented it to his friends, and was encouraged not to stop. Thus the resulting in the alias, Rumblejunkie. After sifting through all the Dubstep out there and hearing Dubstep on a 30,000watt system at Burning Man '07, Wes was convinced that Dubstep was the future and found the sounds he was looking for in the genre and began djing it. Soon after, joined his mates in Sub.Mission, an all Dubstep promotion company based in Denver. Wes has since been booked in Chicago, Santa Fe, all around Colorado, and even in Arkansas, with many more cities to come. He spends as much time as possible in the studio and has releases on the labels: Sub.Mission, Dirty Circuit Records, Dubfront, Filthy, Adversion, and soon to be Tuff Luv and Section 8. The first song ever released under the Rumblejunkie alias, "Dope Angel", made it onto MTVeurope in the form of an MTV "bump", and the B-side was a remix by Antiserum. Tunes such as "Training" and the weed anthem "Everyday" have been well recieved in the Dubstep community. His style is edgy and darker, yet groovy with huge sub and grungy/grindy basslines with an occasional deeper track often sprinkled with pop culture samples and references.

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