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The Gromet
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The Gromet Biography

Born from a love of rock in all its classical stylings. We strive to create a timeless sound that is original, cohesive and prevalent.What came to be the Gromet originally started as a two-piece collaboration between John and Shea. Both on acoustic guitar, the material came from a singer-songwriter standpoint that we both found lacking and hindering. Paired with the "cover band only" music scene of New Hampshire, it was an obvious decision to move. So the two of us set out for greener pastures in our homeland of Denver.After a chance run in at the bar with Shea's old band mate Nick from years prior. A few talks later we came together to begin producing our unique sound.Incorporating slide-guitar and various toys collected from our practice basement, we are The Gromet. A live based trio who throws as much back to the classics as we do forward into original avenues and sounds. Our attempts to create original music have already begun to stand us out from the general crowd of local musicians and musical culture. We attempt to traverse over a broad terrain of sounds in a way that all music lovers can appreciate and enjoy. Combining traditional rhythms with a self-taught, southern-rock style of blues guitar and lap steel comparable to the Allman Brothers meets Elliott Smith.

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