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NeOne the Wonderer
NeOne the Wonderer Dates

Sorry, there are no NeOne the Wonderer dates.

NeOne the Wonderer Biography

NEONE is a musical alchemist, mixing genres to create unique, signature sounds. His music is an eclectic Jazz-grime fusion, taking inspiration from Neo-soul. Neone intertwines captivating stories between his instrumental environment and lyrical journey through myth, wonder and life experience. He produces and vocals contagious tracks, incorporating live musicians to create a wholesome feel. Neone’s recordings come to life on stage, generating a charged but immersive, safe space for self-exploration. Through metaphor, he shares his vulnerability, he gives listeners an artistic, uplifting approach to confronting inner demons to develop strength and self-love.

Born and raised in Wolverhampton, Neone has been motivated by music and art from a young age. From rapping, producing and keyboards, Neone is a versatile performer, continuing to work closely with many artists and companies across the UK and worldwide.


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