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Range the Artist Biography

Christian hip hop artist Range The Artist was first inspired to make music for himself as an alternative to what he heard on the radio. After encouragement from his family to share it with the wider public, music has become a calling for him and he hopes to share God’s message through his work. With his biggest sources of inspiration being his faith and his family, Rangereal name Julian- knows both the joys and struggles of being a Christian and a musician. After travelling and performing around the east coast of America, he has overcome stage fright and writers’ block to realise the true passions which drive his creative work. For Range, music is much more than just a pastime or challenge, and it was only after a long period of prayer and reflection that he came to the conclusion it was God’s will to show his songs to the wider world. Now Range hopes he can inspire other Christians with his work as well as spread God’s message to the wider population. Building on hip hop and gospel, Range straddles two different genres with ease, showing how rich traditions can be blended with rhythm, beats, and clever, meaningful lyricism. With influences to inspire those both young and old, Range hopes to build a platform to spread the word of God and share his word with his followers. Find him on Instagram and twitter @rangetheartist and watch him on YouTube.

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