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Cliford Gray
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Cliford Gray Biography

Pastor Cliford's life has been nothing short of a miracle. At the tender age of 12 he was initiated into the Crips in East Flatbush Brooklyn. By the age of 16 he was a high school dropout, arrested on burglary charges, sent to Rikers Island and nearly sentenced to 3-15 years in prison.

Cliford was a drug dealer that became a drug addict after his marijuana was laced with Angel Dust. His addiction would eventually take its toll and lead him into a deep depression.

It was at the age of 17 where he became miserable and sick of gang life. He battled suicidal thoughts often and begged his mom one day to admit him into rehab.

His mother Marie Clinie Gresseau was a praying woman who refused saying "the only rehab I know is named Jesus." This bold declaration of faith angered Cliford but proved to be true a year later where he would first hear the voice of God tell him that He had a plan for him to preach the Gospel all around the world.

After accepting this call he would later have a face to face encounter with Jesus that would solidify his purpose in the kingdom of God. His face to face encounter like the Apostle Paul drew him to daily repentance, reading his word diligently, rejecting gang life and evangelism.

He began to share his story with gang bangers, drug dealers, and everyone who would dare to listen everywhere he went. From street corners, buses, trains and churches he has traveled sharing the gospel for over 12 years.

After years of serving his local church God called him to Nyack College where he graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry and Psychology.

Cliford is now a happily married man to the woman of his dreams Deborah Gresseau, a proud father of three, the CEO of Launching Pad Music Group, and Church Planter/ Lead Pastor of the Launching Pad Church located in Mount Vernon, NY.

His vision is to love, disciple and launch the next generation of leaders into their God given destinies.


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