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Mission Biography

It's only been two years since Mission has dropped a solo project and a year since he dropped a collaboration project with BrvndonP but Mission's newest project, Less is More, is a completely new sound than what we are used to. Mission's growth can be heard LOUD and clear on this project. As you press play on Less is More, you immediately get submerged by "I'm Back." The strong bass pulls you in as you listen to the lyrical fest..."Ain’t got a lot but I’m making useful/ Beat down the door and ain’t got no approval/Taking the game and in spite of refusal." As you float through the rest of the project, you find yourself going through all the motions: angry, happy, sad, inspired, awakened and so much more. From songs like "Brand New Man" -- that can motivate just about anyone to go after all their dreams-- to "Proud" -- that reminds us we have so much to be proud of and thankful for-- Less is More, gives you every piece of Mission but also pushes us to see every piece of ourselves. With everything said, Mission's new project is nothing short of the "more" we all need. Tap into the Less is More now!


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