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Arriving in recent years with powerful anthems driven by heartfelt emotion, ARCHETYPES COLLIDE quickly established itself as a band unafraid to blur the lines between safety and innovation in heavy music. Soaring vocals, melodies, and heavy grooves swirl with passion and precision. The Arizona upstarts deliver massive hooks, soaked in atmosphere, with creative energy and catchiness. Kyle Pastor (vocals), Brandon Baker and Jared Knister (guitars), Ky Sanders (bass), and Tyler Flamm (drums) put the same work ethic and focus into songwriting as they spent building the band from their local scene to the international stage. Unapologetic choruses and bang - your - head riffs collide. Striving for a deep connection with listeners first and foremost, songs like “My Own Device ,” “What If I Fall ,” “Parasite,” and “ Fade Away ” combine loud bombast with intimate pop . ARCHETYPES COLLIDE demands repeated listening, mixing everything from Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon to The Chainsmokers, and Stranger Things - style retro synths, into a unique musical identity. A collection of singles and EPs drew a devoted fanbase and the attention of Oshie Bichar, bassist for Beartooth. Bichar enlisted his management, and the pair took Archetypes Collide under their wing. Soon after, SiriusXM’s Octane got behind songs like “Your Misery,” “Becoming What I Hate,” and “Above It All.” The band appeared on major festivals like Aftershock, Louder Than Life, and Welcome To Rockville, toured with genre giants The Amity Affliction, and crafted an ambitious self - titled debut album for Fearless Records. Archetypes Collide spent several weeks in the first part of 2022 making their inaugural full - length, with a super team surrounding them to execute their vision. Bichar produced alongside Nick Ing ram (Dayseeker, Convictions, Hawthorne Heights) at Capital House Studio in Ohio. Additional production came from Jon Eberhard (Skillet, I Prevail, Until I Wake); The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers lent a creative hand as well. The resulting album, mixed by Jeff Dunne (Ice Nine Kills, Wage War, Make Them Suffer), captures the vibrant spirit of the 2010s - era Warped Tour with a postmodern edge. It’s a diverse but singular mission statement, brimming with authenticity and hope. ARCHETYPES COLLIDE isn’t bound by preconceived notions or limitations. As Pastor explains simply: “Why not take every shot, in every direction, under the umbrella of hard rock and metal?”

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