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Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn
Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn Dates

Sorry, there are no Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn dates.

Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn Biography

Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn(Kizuna) is an AI with a singing voice developed directly from the voice Kizuna AI, herself. #kzn(Kizuna) is carrying on Kizuna AI’s dream of connecting with everyone throughout the world. 

An innovative concept of the audience also being able to become the creator has been made possible by the Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn /CeVIO AI, which has been released in 2022. This has enabled fans who want to become creators to do not only that, but also to become lyricist and composers with #kzn(Kizuna)’s voice. The #kzn(Kizuna) song contest, called “#kzn Song Contest 2022,” is to held by 10/31 and has generated a great deal of excitement among her fans. 

Kizuna AI is one of the world’s most popular VTubers and the pioneer who is credited with coining the phrase, “Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)”. Subscribers have shown much excitement about her mission, as there are now over 4.5 million of them and growing. 

While Kizuna AI went into indefinite hiatus to achieve additional growth for further connection with everyone throughout the world in the future, #kzn( Kizuna) has made it her mission to become a hub of connection between creators, creators with fans, and creators with technological know-how to carry on this dream of Kizuna AI. 

In early 2023, “Kizuna AI-Touch the Beat!” Sony Play Station4/Play Station 5 is scheduled to be released.

The International Anime Music Festival (IAMF) will be #kzn(Kizuna)’s first worldwide tour and fans have been showing much excitement as word of this tour spreads throughout the world. 

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