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Jelani Aryeh
Jelani Aryeh Dates

Sorry, there are no Jelani Aryeh dates.

Jelani Aryeh Biography

Filipino/African-American artist Jelani Aryeh’s music lives between genre lines, seamlessly blending indie rock, R&B, hip-hop, pop and experimental sounds, all infused with a touch of his San Diego, CA, roots.  As a standout in an era of TikTok hits and social media virality, Jelani brings an emotional depth, spirituality and substance to his songs that belies his young 22 years. Jelani’s highly anticipated debut album, I’ve Got Some Living To Do, was released in 2021 to widespread critical acclaim and features popular tracks “Stella Brown,” “Marigold” and “From These Heights,” along with nine other indie anthems. His music has amassed over 120 million streams worldwide and been featured on extensive playlists, radio and television shows. Jelani is currently in the process of recording his second album.


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