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Atari Teenage Riot
Atari Teenage Riot Dates

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Atari Teenage Riot Biography

Of all the bands that sold a million records in the 1990's Atari Teenage Riot's reformation in 2010 beckoned the critic's cutting condemnation. A triumphant sellout concert in front of nigh on a thousand rabid fans stopped them in their tracks and instead the blogs were covered with reports of an electrifying return.
Asked how they managed such a startling reinvention Alec Empire described it as a 'software' update,

"Few bands have ever detonated as powerfully in the underground as Atari Teenage Riot. They were a band that sounded the way you always wanted The Prodigy to sound. A band akin to Black Flag if that outfit had existed in an age where every home had a computer."
NME New Musical Express


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