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Frogs Gone Fishin'
Frogs Gone Fishin' Dates

Sorry, there are no Frogs Gone Fishin' dates.

Frogs Gone Fishin' Biography

Jumping through rock, funk, soul, blues and reggae, Frogs Gone Fishin' serves up a steaming plate of Colorado rocky mountain goodness.

After growing up in Denver, the members of Frogs Gone Fishin' attended school in different cities, including New Orleans, Nashville and Boston, allowing them to experience some of the most interesting music scenes in the country. These experiences have given The Frogs a wide range of influences to expand on their common backgrounds. During their time away from home, they maintained a healthy touring schedule over summer breaks and other holidays. In the spring of '08, having completed their formal studies, the members of Frogs Gone Fishin' regrouped in Denver to begin an extended period of touring throughout Colorado and various sections of the United States, which still continues today.

Frogs Gone Fishin's first studio album, 'Tell Me True', is a reflection of the various influences they absorbed during their travels and was recorded in Nashville and Colorado over a period of a year and a half.


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