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Cam Wallace
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Cam Wallace Biography

Producer, artist, and song writer...Cam Wallace does it all.
Born and raised in Houston, TX, he initially began as an aspiring rapper who was influenced by listening to the grimy, underground soundtrack that was H-Town, aka Screwston. He realized quickly that the best way to find the sound that complimented his lyrical versatility was to create it himself. Cam’s creative musical blueprint was forged from a combination of playing the tuba and trombone, his father’s extensive vinyl collection, and the inspiration from the musical geniuses such as Pharrell, Kanye, and BattleCat. This array of influence and creative experimentation in addition to his relentless determination, preparation, and overall fate resulted in Cam scoring one of, fellow Houstonian, Beyonce’s most memorable records “Upgrade U.” From there,
many records have continued to come from Sevyn Streeter to Ciara to Chris Brown the list goes on and on! What’s next for this rising talent?! The possibilities are ENDLESS.


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