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Russkaja Dates

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Russkaja Biography

Since 2005, Russkaja have been touring through Europe and guaranteeing turbo party power at festivals and in clubs all over the continent. The band’s energetic frontman Georgij Makazaria and his vibrant metal appearance make people bounce frenetically, dance the pogo and scream their heads off. He is supported by the hard and precise rhythm section consisting of drums, bass and guitar as well as the melody section of violin, sax and the potete, a unique bass-trumpet. Together, the studied musicians follow their passion for live music and race through the melodies of Eastern Europe. Russkaja play with Slavic clichés and melancholic minor melodies which then pick up speed again and invite you to dance. The beat of the so-called turbo polka with a Jamaican skaoffbeat makes the people’s feet and souls celebrate, dance and happily forget all their woes. Excursions into punk rock, metal and dub-step also make even lovers of the harder genres shake their heads. Since 2008, Russkaja are the house band of the Austrian late night show “Willkommen Österreich”, where they accompany the performances of star musicians in their own musical style – russifying and balkanising their latest hits

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