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The songs of midwxst feel like beacons in a tempest, a blend of rap, rock and whatever else he
needs to bottle up the exact feeling in his heart. The Indiana artist developed his chameleonic
style in the pandemic-era hyperpop scene, emphasizing sincerity and transparency in songs like
his grungy hit “Trying.” Whether he is rapping over rage beats or penning sweet ballads,
midwxst wants to provide listeners a path forward through relationships, identity formation and
the internet. He wants to be the voice he wished he had in school, where he was bullied and
faced depression and anxiety. Growing up in a military family, midwxst learned to adapt to any
situation, whether it was prepping a stage for a theater performance or making music with kids
on the internet. He’s emerged from the latter scene as one of its most promising and ambitious
voices. And his upcoming albumE3suggests a real desire to expand his sound into something
resembling a superstar’s. Co-executive produced by midwxst and Sophie Gray, it’s a
tightly-wound concept record and an intricate painting of love and relationships that midwxst
hopes will guide listeners in a deeper way than anything he’s done before. “I just want people to
understand that I went through a lot of the shit I am expressing on this album,” midwxst says.
“And yeah I went through it, and yeah it hurt, but it made me grow and become who I am today.
And I wouldn't trade any of that pain or any of that loss for anything.”

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