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Foe Dates

Sorry, there are no Foe dates.

Foe Biography

Foe is a five-piece psychedelic wave-rock band from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The group takes influence from the 2000’s alt-rock surge and fuses it with their love for video-game soundtracks and audioscapes. 
Creating tracks that span from hard-hitting rock to atmospheric synth-wave, Foe produces expressive and experimental audio while maintaining a hypnotic catchiness that has fans hum under their breath all day.

Riffy, ethereal, and venturesome, Foe invites the listener on an audio trip through universal feels. 
They seek comfort in the rawness and realness of our being, choosing not to ignore the glaring issues we face, but rather to embrace the unlikeliness of us being here to take them on in the first place.
The band’s passion for DIY culture is clear. They’ve produced each track themselves from the ground up, going so far as to create visual accompaniments via creative video edits and collaborative art commissions with local artists. They also command a unique and vibrant online community that they connect with on streaming platforms with every aspect of their music and creativity.

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