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No filters, no Facetune, no Vsco, no makeup, no bullshit. What you see is what you get with 20-year-old singer-songwriter Rosie. “I want to be transparent. Everything is exactly as it appears,” she says. “The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you're feeling strong, be vulnerable when you're feeling vulnerable.”
Seeking to create a safe place online and through her music, Rosie’s willingness to get real struck a chord with millions. Her stripped back breakup ballad, “Never the 1”, amassed over 15 million views on Tok-tok highlighting Rosie’s songwriting prowess. Rosie sings, “I could write ten songs about nine ways you fucked me over. Only took you eight days to forget seven months together. We were up ‘till six in the morning, five days a week, you said 4ever then left before I counted to three. Loved you a little too much, but I was never, I was never the one.
The clever, heart wrenching lyrics and Rosie’s soothing vocal performance atop a gentle piano instrumental captivated an audience who’ve adopted the song for their own catharsis. “Even if it was caused by so much pain, I'm happy that the thing I do out of necessity is something that others enjoy and can benefit from. From that heartbreak came every song on my EP.  Most of that is from losing myself and having to basically restart as a human.”
The New York native has an uncanny ability to turn negative experiences like loss, betrayal, and criticism into jetpack fuelled motivation. “Something I’ve definitely never been afraid of is hard work,” says Rosie. A philanthropist, environmentalist, mental health advocate, classical violinist, guitarist, vocal producer, songwriter, and now major label recording artist, Rosie’s achievements come from her undaunted resilience - a retaliation against life’s harder realities. “I’m stubborn when I need to be,” she says.
When a professor said her music didn’t compete Rosie responded by taking on five to six co-writes a week to prove her wrong. When questioned for her raw approach on social media, Rosie leaned in further committing to 100% unfiltered content.
Raised in a musical family, Rosie began writing songs at age 12 and credits her parents and brother as her biggest supporters. “My mom grew up in theatre and dancing. My dad played bass, violin, and guitar,” she says. “My brother is a writer and producer as well.” Keeping it in the family, her brother Matteo now also doubles as her manager. “Matteo is my biggest motivator.”
Signed to Arista Records, Rosie prepares for her next challenge - the release of her debut EP “20mg of Happiness” Having written 90 songs for the project’s consideration, it’s no telling where her insatiable resolve and open heart will take her next.

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