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Public Practice is reviving the spirit of late ‘70s New York with their intoxicating brand of no wave-tinged dark disco. The band came in hot with their punchy balance of punk, funk, and pop on the critically acclaimed Distance is a Mirror EP in 2018, which was followed in 2020 with their full-length 'Gentle Grip', described by NME as "a sublime debut which sounds like Blondie on a night out at Studio 54".

Together, the foursome strikes a nimble balance between sharp punk, avant-garde flourishes, and traditional pop structures, creating bold, slinky rhythms and groove-filled hooks that get under your skin and into your dancing shoes. The musicians’ unique chemistry and approach to songwriting is part of what makes their world so intriguing. Magnetic singer and lyricist Sam York and guitarist and principal sonic architect Vince McClelland, who were creative music partners for years prior to Public Practice’s formation, come to the table with an anarchic perspective that intentionally challenges the very idea of what a song can be. Meanwhile Drew Citron, on bass/vocals/synth, and drummer/producer Scott Rosenthal are influenced by a more classic pop sensibility. Instead of clashing, these contrasting styles challenge and compliment one another, resulting in an album full of spiralling tensions. Since their inception Public Practice have built a reputation for their invigorating live performances, and they're beyond thrilled to be back on the road...

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