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Meesh Biography

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered if someone or something was staring back at you? Perhaps a certain star caught your eye, and you couldn’t quite tell whether or not it was flickering. Is that a planet? A spacecraft? An entrance to another world? …A creature?

How often have you wished on a star? Many of us are lost, lonely; many of us feel hopeless in the reality we experience. We look up at the stars at night and wish for love, friendship, and miracles.
The star has come to answer the call of the wish.

Meesh is the girl next universe with an angelic demeanor, childlike wonder, gentle voice, positive attitude, and unbreakable spirit. Although not much else is known about her, including her origin, her mission is clear. She simply wants her listeners to feel joy, love, relief, and have fun. Meesh has come to this planet to heal hearts and free souls from the negative forces which poison us and hold us prisoner. She is the friend you’ve been waiting for, here to listen, encourage, and love.

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