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SIAMES Biography

Seeking to push the boundaries of what defines a “band” nowadays, SIAMÉS members, Stoltz and Blakk envision their project as a place of inspiration for mediums beyond music recordings. This desire prompted them to seek out stellar artistic producer Guillermo Porro [Make Mama Proud] and talented RUDO Co., animators and directors of their outstanding anime styled videos.
It also propelled them to invite guest producers to create “Dancing With the Moonlight” a three track remix EP of their classic “The Wolf” . With DJ JMP, Ut Ut Ut and Barbie Williams, SIAMÉS seeks to include the work of other artists while making the best music possible.
It is impossible to discuss SIAMÉS and their career to date without mentioning their fans. “The Wolf,” with over 70M views on Youtube, has spawned hundreds of fan-art entries, covers and countless comments from spectators who guess the “meaning” of the clip. The band enjoys interacting with fans and responds to comments+submissions left on their social media platforms.
“Bounce Into The Music” is packed with upbeat Indie Pop-Rock sounds, synth and guitar licks, ambitious baselines and constant groove. Stöltz’s consistently melodic vocals are the perfect complement to Mr. Blakk’s varied musical arrangements. The band sites Portugal. The Man, Foster The People, Gorillaz, and Kasabian among their influences.

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