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Holley 750
Holley 750 Dates

Sorry, there are no Holley 750 dates.

Holley 750 Biography

sick to death of tame bands and slow music we're here to punch you in the face then kick you when you're down.. super fast trucker punk , speed punk , biker punk whatever the fuck you call it. we're fast pissed and looking for something to do. out of the ashes of no local bands.. (well none that you would remember) comes Holley 750 . named after a big fuckin carburator that pumps more gas in half a block then your honda does all day. we're here to declare war on our crowd.. yeah you!! its our job to make sure you hurt yourselves at every show. the more blood and carnage the better we play,top that all off with a really drunk bunch of punks in a shitty dive bar and we are the ultimate.. youve got nothing else to do so you may as well come out and see us.. ... WE ARE THE LAST GREAT PUNK ROCK BAND! CONTACT FOR BOOKING THROUGH HERE OR [email protected] br /

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