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Le Divorce
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Le Divorce Biography

Le Divorce was formed in mid 2009. They are a guitar-driven foursome inspired by early indie-rock like The Pixies and PJ Harvey, as well as current bands like The National and Blonde Redhead. Le D is made up of members of EAOD, Die Pilot, Boba Fett & The Americans, as well as numerous other Denver bands. Their members came together from a very diverse background. Chris Durant made it big in the first part of the decade as the tallest actor in Japanese Porn. He'd been living in Tokyo with his harem of Geishas and fleet of robot servants, but in 2006 returned to his hometown of Denver to recover from an unfortunate puffer fish mishap. Ryan Stubbs and Joe Grobelny met while working on Motley Crue's road crew, but were forced to leave after it was discovered they were responsible for releasing a certain Tommy Lee sex tape. They spent some time at commune outside of San Francisco until the constant sound of hippie drum circles finally drove them out. They hopped the first train to Denver and started playing their own music.Kitty Vincent was Joe's childhood playmate, but lost touch during college when she took that fateful trip climb Mt. Everest. Her plane was lost over the Himalayas, but luckily she was able to crawl her way to a Tibetan monastery where the monks took her in and taught her to play guitar. She returned to the U.S. years later after having been declared legally dead, and moved to Denver to reconnect with her old friend Joe and play brilliant rock music.They are currently working on their first EP. Its working title is "Mannequin Heads Make Better Soccer Balls than Human Heads" and is expected to be released in spring of 2010.

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