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Seoul Music Awards Biography

The Seoul Music Awards-beginning with the first ceremony in 1990, as known as the best awards until 2017-reflects the current trends of K-pop industry and presents a new vision to secure a place among the various music awards in Korea. Including The Grand prize-which is the only prize that awarded for one musician-, The main prize, rookie, best album/digital album, and the best record of each genre such as ballad, hip hop, R&B, OST, trot, best performance&culture award and the K-wave special prize is enough to be evaluated as the overall ceremony to reflect the specialty and the diversity of the whole year's music industry.

The winner of each category, including the Grand, Main and Rookie Prizes will be awarded the Muse Trophy. The Muse trophy, which symbolizes the goddess muse of music, is a symbol of the Seoul Music Awards with a curvaceous shape. In recent years, the name of the winner has been inscribed on the plaque to raise the value of the collection, and it has become a trophy that must be received.

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