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Desi Valentine
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Desi Valentine Biography

Once or twice a century, a sound comes along that belies all comparison. There’s been a Nina Simone, an Otis Redding, and an Amy Winehouse. But Desi Valentine is the first of his nature. He’s a recording artist, singer, and songwriter with a modern mind and a timeless sound.

Desi Valentine wears a balanced medley of enticing contradictions: he’s traditional, and he’s innovative. He’s peaceful, and he’s disruptive. His voice is of velvet and smoke, with a timbre beyond definition. 

To truly know Desi is to listen. 

Born and raised in Catford, London, he initially followed his heart to musical theatre success in West End and Broadway shows. This victory could have signaled a happy ending for many. But when a stranger asked Desi if he’d thought to try music, he fell forward into new dreams. “I started soaking myself in the world of music,” he says. 

Desi moved to Los Angeles in 2012. “As soon as I arrived, I knew I was supposed to be here. It really opened itself up to me…very quickly, I knew this was the next step of my story.”

But immersion in the music industry was one thing…finding his niche was another. “The type of music that I first made was...(read more).

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