Meredith O’Connor
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Meredith O’Connor Biography

Meredith O'Connor is a teen pop star and anti-bullying icon whose radio hit songs are loved by millions. Meredith's loyal fanbase has sold out concerts all over the world, and her positive message has had fans claim it's changed and even saved their life. Meredith O'Connor's music has been featured on Disney, NBC, MTV, Teen Nick as well as at several UN Women assemblies, where she is their Celebrity Youth Leader. Meredith O'Connor's use of her fame and influence for positive change has affected millions around the world, which is why she will be continuing to represent UN Women's Planet 5050 and doing an upcoming TED Talk on the matter. Meredith O'Connor will be starring in a major motion picture directed by Another Cinderella Story's Illyssa Goodman, based on Meredith's experiences as a child, as well as her rise to fame and iconic influence on her fans. Meredith O'Connor, Drake Bell and Amanda Steele are celebrity cameos in the film 'Bunny Bravo' produced by Mychal Symka, Bart Baker and Rick Galvin. She  is here to support the cause behind Rick Galvin, The Carol Galvin Foundation.

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