Eliades Ochoa
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Eliades Ochoa Biography

Eliades is known as Mr Chan Chan in his hometown of Santiago de Cuba, from the song that Compay Segundo gave to him to make its first recording. His unique guitar and vocal style has made him a champion of string and percussion driven son, bolero and guaracha. Eliades has nurtured and grown the legacy and repertoire of greats like Compay, Miguel Matamoros and Celia Cruz.

His extraordinary life story is the subject of a new film Eliades Ochoa – From Cuba to the World, currently picking up awards on the festival circuit. Eliades played the first notes on his guitar at the age of six, and at twelve he walked around town singing what he had learned from the radio – the rest is eternal Cuban music history.

‘The finest guitarist of his generation.’ The Guardian
‘A Cuban troubadour thrills the world stage.’ Los Angeles Times
‘To me, and to a lot of people, he is the Cuban Johnny Cash.’ Benicio del Toro


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