Bigyuki + Butcher Brown + Rohey + DJ Harrison (DJ set)
Bigyuki + Butcher Brown + Rohey + DJ Harrison (DJ set) Dates

Sorry, there are no Bigyuki + Butcher Brown + Rohey + DJ Harrison (DJ set) dates.

Bigyuki + Butcher Brown + Rohey + DJ Harrison (DJ set) Biography

Bigyuki is described by some as the New York music scene’s secret weapon. He has attracted the attention of many, including Grammy-winning and nominated artists such as Q-Tip, Bilal, and Talib Kweli. His debut body of work infuses elements of jazz, classical, hip-hop, soul, rock, dance, and electronica to produce music that is full of the kind of energy and feeling that blasts you from the stage. Joined by just one drummer and one guitarist, it is hard to believe a trio can create such a massive sound.

Straight out of the underground, a steady rumble is building and it’s called Butcher Brown. Pulsing from the nerve centre of Jellowstone Studios in Richmond VA, Butcher Brown takes careful note of the history and legacy of jazz and throws caution to the wind with wanton abandon. Garage punk jazz funk on the low end of the dial gives way to delicate and elegant compositions as the band shows off without trying.

With a 21st century freshness, past any concept of vogue, or any linear genre lines, Norwegian band ROHEY deliver powerful and energetic nu-soul music that bristles with authenticity, that grooves with the best funk, that has deep soul roots while keeping an eye on the broad expanse of a very promising future.
DJ Harrison will be spinning between sets.

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