Birnam Wood
Birnam Wood Dates

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Birnam Wood Biography

"Sounding like the missing link between Sabbath and Sleep, what you get is a shit load of riff worship that mixes evil psychedelic bad vibes with heavy groove."
-Stoner Hive

"It's the high amount of FUZZ that Birnam Wood will impress you the most. The vocals have a great psychedelic edge to them mixed with echoes of 70s Hard Rock in the background. If you want an album that will take you on a musical high then accept no substitute as Birnam Wood are the real deal."
-The Sludgelord

"Heavily down tuned riffage combined with thick solid thunderous rhythms form a bedrock of deliciously addictive doom into which intricate and scintillating solos and licks are woven and over which are laid clean throaty vocals."
-Desert Psychlist

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