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Ten Out of Tenn Biography

Ten Out of Tenn is a unique community of artists bravely forging their way through the difficulties of today's music industry. Similar to the folk movement of the sixties in New York, (including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young), this exciting group of young musicians are passionate about one thing above all else: creating authentic, soul-driven music, that has nothing to do with ego, and everything to do with making art for art's sake. Similar to the infamous concert and film, The Last Waltz, which included The Band, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joe Cocker, Ronnie Wood and others, Ten Out of Tenn unites separate talents, and sparks the energy that has drained out of the music industry during these latter decades. Trent Dabbs says of The Last Waltz, "Watching [them] share the stage was so inspiring, I just remember thinking how fun it would be to do a show like that with all of the most talented artists and friends that I know."

As the founder of TOT, Dabbs, along with the other artists, found a way to spotlight the individual music of each musician, while simultaneously bringing everyone together. Each member is a participant in the others' music. TOT features a rotating group of artists who have collectively had well over one-hundred television song placements, as well as in film, and commercials. Taylor Swift included several of the artists on her celebrity playlist on iTunes, and members have shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan, R.E.M., Paul McCartney, John Mayer, and the Fray. These accomplishments are impressive, but it is when the TOT artists swap instruments on stage, gather around one mic, and improvise on their own and each other's songs that the magic really happens. Authenticity and creative passion cannot be faked. And if these artists are anything, it is at the utmost, sincere. It is easy to see why Rolling Stone magazine just named Nashville as the Best Music Scene in the country. With so much talent, and such a strong sense of community, it seems that anything is possible for TOT.

The present lineup includes: Trent Dabbs, Gabe Dixon, Andrew Belle, K.S. Rhoads, Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, Tyler James, Butterfly Boucher and Jeremy Lister, who happened to be a runner-up on NBC's "Sing Off" with his a capella group, Street Corner Symphony. The personal accolades for each of these artists could fill pages and pages, but again, to them, this is not the important factor. In the award-winning documentary Any Day Now, highlighting the TOT touring experience, Matthew Perryman Jones says about the artists, "It's their life. It's what they're made for. They're wired that way." This is far from some label-created gimmick to strike it rich. This is what music was made for: sharing, story-telling, and inspiring." Ten Out of Tenn's fourth collaborative record and sixth US tour are sure to spawn even more creative endeavors and a stronger sense of community for the artists, as well as stellar entertainment for all of their listeners. It is a revolution in the making, a refreshing effort of love, and a unique point of pride for Nashville's changing culture.


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