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Billy Changer
Billy Changer Dates

Sorry, there are no Billy Changer dates.

Billy Changer Biography

"Billy Changer and Tracy Bryant are two California natives whose paths crossed roundabouts 2012 and translated into Billy joining Tracy’s band called Corners as it’s bassist. Prior to this, Billy had been playing with a very minimalistic, garagey, and slightly dark 3-piece group called 3 1/2 and translated the bassy guitar drive of his octave pedaled six-string quite well into the 4-string bass of Corners who at that time had a number of bright surfy songs under their belt. The result was a shift to a slightly more post-punky sound of “Pressure” while maintaining the same surf elements characteristic of previous songs in singles like My Baby. And now, they’ve taken the opportunity to team up with the uber-rad folks at Lolipop and Burger Records to debut a tape featuring full length efforts from both fellows." - Proper Yarn

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