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A tattoo can say a lot about a person. Matt McAndrew’s first ink speaks volumes about his dedication and passion for music.
“Since high school, my goal in life was to get signed to a record label, so I got an empty box tattooed on my wrist,” he explains. “When I got signed, the plan was to tattoo a check mark inside of it. It’s a reminder of what I’ve been working towards forever.”
Matt picked up his first guitar at the age of eleven. As a teen he found inspiration in the likes of Radiohead and Modest Mouse, and he began pursuing his goal to become a musician. Off the strength of his dynamic voice, he was accepted into University of the Arts in Philadelphia, majoring in vocal performance. As soon as he graduated, he increased that momentum, independently releasing his debut full-length, View of the Pines, in spring 2014. NBC’s The Voice scouted him shortly thereafter. He chose Adam Levine as a coach, and he vaulted to international stardom over the course of season seven.
“At the beginning of the show, I was so nervous,” he admits. “By the time the finale came around, I became completely comfortable. I learned how to adapt into any environment and feel like I had a place there. You can be a big fish in whatever pond you’re in. I thrived under pressure. I feel prepared for anything now because of that experience.”
Matt emerged in second place, but he won the love and support of audiences everywhere. His cover of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” landed in the Top 5 of the iTunes Overall Top Songs Chart, while his original single “Wasted Love” not only debuted Top 5, but immediately clinched the #1 spot upon release. The track would go on to sell over 100,000 digital downloads in less than 24 hours, making a seismic impact on the industry on par with that of the year’s other massive hit Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”
With its elegant piano, distinct melody, and impassioned performance, “Wasted Love” [Republic Records] formally announces Matt’s arrival as a striking singer and powerful pop presence.
“On the surface, it’s about a relationship that didn’t work out,” he goes on. “I like to think of things in terms of how they relate to my musical journey though. In that sense, the song is about not having your dreams come to fruition the way you want them to. Love, talent, and passion are wasted. It really strikes a chord with me.”
In addition to getting that “check mark,” Matt’s in the midst of preparing new music for 2015 and beyond.
“I have a vision and direction for my songs,” he leaves off. “I know who I am as a person and a musician, and everything has helped me expand the definitions of both of those things. My dream hasn’t changed. It’s just gotten bigger.”

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